Team Zimbabwe

Our Services

  • Hosting Community Events: Team Zimbabwe UK has a successful track record of hosting community events and Zimbabwe national celebrations in the UK, including the Zimbabwe Independence and Heroes Day Celebration Tournaments. We also host summer football tournaments that bring Zimbabweans together.
  • Development of Sport: Team Zimbabwe UK helps promote the development of sport in Zimbabwe by supporting several grassroots football development projects in Zimbabwe and offering assistance to sporting organisations that need welfare support
  • Providing a Social Platform: Team Zimbabwe UK provides a social platform for the Zimbabwe Community in the UK Diaspora to integrate and find common purpose while playing football and other sports.
  • Health Promotion:  We organise health promotion activities and events in the community, i.e., Football/Basketball/Netball/Cricket/Rugby tournaments and marathons, that help promote the health and wellbeing of our community.
  • Scouting Diaspora Sporting Talent: Team Zimbabwe UK is also responsible for scouting Zimbabwe sporting talent scattered around the globe and introducing the talent to national sporting teams for duty. The organisation delivered the Diaspora Brigade– the Diaspora players who now form the bulk of the Zimbabwe national football team.
  • Community Football Clubs Network: We support Zimbabwe Community football Teams to remain viable and to serve the community at heart. We arrange competitions and tournaments for all clubs affiliated with us
  • Welfare Support and Advocacy: We provide advice, free management support, welfare support and advocacy services to all the players who are involved in our programmes including former players and legends
  • Capacity Building: We host conference and events that support the community with information that help to build resilient communities and to make communities more self-reliant and sustainable in delivering progressive social change
Team Zimbabwe

Our Key Activities

  • Organising Community Social & Recreational Activities
  • Football Match Agents: Arranging international football matches and tournaments
  • Organising Football Tours Tournaments
  • Hosting International Sporting Events/Sports Tourism Events
  • Fundraising For Good Community Causes
  • Honouring Community Champions
  • Promoting Brand Zimbabwe